How Co-working Impacts Growth

Coworking has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors in every faucet of every economy. Growth
of an economy as we know has many streamlines attached to it; it can be the booming IT, real estate or
Edutech sector or it can be the result of a successful idea or innovation. How does coworking in this
fashion contribute to the limelight of an economy? Let us take a closer look on how coworking enables
start-ups to reach for the stars or how managed office spaces sets up SME’s and MNC’s for a stable and
steady expansion.
Working at a coworking space can be more fulfilling than it is at a traditional workplace. Unlike a
traditional office, coworkers at coworking spaces come from different industries; they are finding their
own niche in the world and are working on projects or simply to advance their careers. Working
alongside forward-thinking companies and people offers many such benefits such as increased
professional development and satisfaction.
Coworking spaces are usually open 24/7, so you have more job control. You can decide whether or not
to put in a long day when you have a deadline or want to show progress, or if you want to take a long
break in the middle of the day for a powernap. You can even decide if you want to work in a quiet space
where you can focus without interruption or if you would rather work in an open collaborative space
where interaction is encouraged.
Every Coworking space has its own culture and environment that it caters to, it may be a communal
space that is freelancer friendly or an environment that is professional and sets the tone for privacy by
having closed cabins on either side of its hallway. Every Coworking space has something for its users;
some users may like to be independent so they opt for private cabins, some users want to interact with
their environment so they opt for open workspaces hence they have the freedom to discuss ideas and
engage with others freely.
When a space is as flexible as a coworking space and something that caters to the needs of the ordinary
at the grass root level it is bound to succeed in its mission for growth and development. Building up a
communal space in a prime location is not an easy task to achieve and coworking solves many of the
outlining issues of the 22 nd century, hybrid work is made possible by coworking spaces situated closer to
neighbourhoods. The onset of the pandemic shifted the way we work and coworking has to be
attributed to its development.

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